Nerdy Psouth, Dance of Shiva, Mathematician Records

Andaaza – (Persian) word meaning conjecture, and from which the Hindi word muhandis, for Geometrician comes.

​After Artur Jackson’s family outing to Portugal’s Boom festival in ’98 at the ripe young age of 12, he returned determined to recreate the transcendental alien sounds he heard there. From then on a psytrance devotee, he has been involved with the scene for two decades. Artur typically exists in a quantum super position at home at Purdue University's Mathematics Department and extended bouts in Japan, where most of the music ideas, production and performances happen. Artur as Andaaza creates completely innovative musical environments with awkward combinations of emotions, thickened by funky base lines, dystopian percussion, and spooky ambience. Tracks often have elements of classical music, ethnic music, 90s Nintendo, and funk. Two noteworthy side project collaborations are Two to Tango (with Math Dealer, Mathematician Records, US) and Cosmic Shmosmic (with The Daleks, DMT Music, Japan). Andaaza's avant garde Suomisaundi style showcases the wacky side of the wacky side of what's possible with sound, while still keeping dance floors bumping and party people grinning. Keep on squirmin' on!